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Good morning, dear professors,

It's really my great honor to be here for the interview. My name is Kevin ,22 years old. I am from Emei Mountain, a beautiful city in Sichuan Province. My major is Journalism and communication. During my college years, I've been studying diligently and won the scholarship almost every year. Meanwhile, I have developed my social communication skills and teamwork leadership by taking part in some student union affairs and volunteer work. I have the keen interest in the media study. I also know the undergraduate study is not enough. I just get the basic knowledge of our discipline. Therefore,I prefer to go on for further education. Beijing film Academy is a dream place for me for many years. I was deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere of our institute when I prepared for the entrance examination and communicated with teachers here. If I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to study here, I hope I can build up a systematic view of our subject, especially in the field of media management. I expect to continue my study for doctor degree, if it is possible. I love this sentence: Aspire to inspire until I expire. Thank you again for having me here.

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