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  1. 以here , there ,then , now , next引出的倒装句。
  Here comes the special guest of the party .
  There seem to be many beautiful girls in the university .
  2. 以表地点的介词短语引出的倒装句。
  At the school gate stood an old woman .
  Under the tree are sitting some students .
  On the bed lay a big teddy bear .
  3. 以表示方位的副词引出的倒装句。
  Off went the horse .
  Down fell a dozen apples .
  4. 否定词或具有否定意义的词及词组用在句首。
  Never have I seen such a good teacher .
  Not a moment did he waste on campus .
  By no means should she be left alone .
  Under no circumstances will I believe you .
  5. only置于句首。
  Only in this way can we make a difference .
  6. as / though引导让步状语从句。
  Rich as he is , he spends a cent on charity .
  Try as / though he does , he never seems able to get a high score in the exams .
  7. 在虚拟条件句中,连词if省略时,即将were , had , should等词提到句首。
  Were I you , I would take this chance .
  Should he come tomorrow , he would help us to settle the problem .
  Odd though it sounds , cosmic inflation is a scientifically plausible consequence of some respected ideas in elementary-particle physics , and many astrophysicists have been convinced for the better part of a decade that it is true.
  【重点词汇解析】plausible,adj. 貌似可信的;consequence,n. 结果、推论;astrophysicist,n. 天体物理学家
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